Aggregates are sumi ink and paint drawings of things found in a tidepool


2015  Pen and ink studies of tidepool elements.


2015 -Holdfasts 1–7 are brush and ink drawings on 12″ square rag paper.  These drawings are close up observations of the rootlike end of seaweed which anchors the seaweed to a substrate.  During rough weather the holdfasts are yanked loose and tossed upon the beach where I find them and take them home to study and draw..


2014  Deadhead, a 9 x 12′ wall installation done for the Bellevue Arts Museum Biennial Knock on Wood, consists of ink drawings on painted plywood that have been cut out and screwed to the wall. The viewer sees the “deadheads” (logs and trees that having become waterlogged which hang vertically with only a tiny portion of a tip visible) from two perspectives– above and below the surface of the ocean. Below the viewer sees the enormous submerged roots and trunks while above she sees the small tips bobbing.

The process of making Deadhead involved drawing full scale images on paper, cutting them out and moving them around to get the size, scale and relationships right